"Are SF days as a gay mecca over? Or is the list biased to LA, DC and NY media types?" Cedric asks. Excellent questions! The answers are no and yes, respectively. Readers, of our colorful local crop of gay icons, who would you have liked to have seen on the list? Who ought we be exporting to the national stage?

There's Peaches, of course; she's seen some fame in Seattle and NYC lately. And Michael Petrelis probably isn't giving up anytime soon. Then there's Gabriel and Listener Mitchell from Calling Long Distance, the ever-vigilant Brock Keeling, and Jesse Hawthorne Ficks, who curates the best midnight movies ever. Carol Migden and Mark Leno both do such good work -- can they be ranked together? We hate to have to choose. We all owe a debt of gratitude to Del and Phyllis, and Officer Jane takes awfully good care of the Castro.

Who else?