In the Ex's story, Muni is already down six trains as those six have been benched due to collisions with cars and other vehicles. Oops. Muni is saying that when everything ramps up, there will be enough trains out there. Muni also says that there needs to be 270 drivers to do the routes, but right now there's only 228. The reason why they need 270 is for when drivers call in sick they have backups. Right now, they're working on finding new drivers.

Now, onto the delays experienced as a reporter for the Chron said it took twice the amount of time to get from Visitacion Valley to Fourth and King streets. It's supposed to take around half-an-hour, but the reporter said it took an hour. If y'all are curious, it's also supposed to take forty-seven minutes to get from Visitacion Valley to the Castro Station. Right now, Nathaniel Ford says that it is taking fifty-four minutes to do that route. Ford said that the reason why things are a little slow is because they're still doing a test run on the trains and slowing the trains down to check them out.

Ford says everything will be okay by this weekend and everything will go according to plan. We shall see. The proof, as they say, will be in the pudding and we have no idea what that means.

One last little note-- have you seen the commercials for the T-Third Line? They're cute....