For example, did you know that "On Cesar Chavez Day, March 30, 2007, weekday non-school schedules will be in effect"? Oh, you didn't? That must be because you don't check their alerts page every single day. More importantly, even if you know about it ... do you have any idea what that alert could possibly mean? "Weekday non-school schedule"? WTF? Does that mean that only school buses will be affected? Does Muni even own any school buses? Is that like a weekend schedule, only you still have to dress nice for work? WHAT'S GOING ON?

Helpfully, Muni adds that you can call them to get more information. Well isn't that nice. You know how many people are going to go to that much trouble? Zero. Which is also the number of people who are benefited by alerts such as these.

Actually, that's not true: they probably benefit the passenger services guy at Muni, who'll take your angry call when your bus just never shows up on March 30th. He'll shrug and sigh, "well, it's not like we didn't warn you."