In honor of SFist Jon's recent karaoke catastrophe caught on tape, we, the arbiters of good taste at SFist, present you with the Backstreet Plastic Bag Boys' brazilliant idea for what to do with all of your old plastic bags. The video starts off a little slow, and kind of uncomfortable, but we were seriously dying when we first saw this. YouTube commenter ChuckNO says it all: "The Guy In the Foot Locker bag is SEXY!"

Seriously, we cannot let videos like this one happen again, can we? Stuff like this can't pop up every time we innocently type "plastic bag" into a YouTube search. Such videos conjure up mental imagines of Sup. Mirkarimi showing up to a BOS meeting wearing nothing but a yellow Forever 21 bag, and that ain't right. Sorry, McDreamy, but yellow isn't your color. But we love that your mom reads SFist. Hi, Ross's mom!