The vote passed by a 10-1 margin with only cranky old Ed Jew providing the nay vote. We would assume that the vote would draw usual cries of "oh no they didn't" but even the Chron is on board. The Ex and those crazies on Fox have yet to weigh in, although we heard somebody on the radio snark on the idea that we'll no longer have our constitutional right to choosing between paper or plastic. And dog owners aren't very happy that they might lose their pooper-scooper. It'll also mean no more video taping plastic bags and using it as an overwrought symbol of modern ennui.

Us? According to Ross, the type of plastic bags proposed are said to be stronger so no more doubling and that makes us give it a thumbs up. We hate those flimsy paper bags as they occasionally do things like fall apart while walking to our apartment and spilling groceries all over crowded streets. We hate when that happens.

That is, of course, if groceries and drug stores switch to the new plastic bags. Spokesflacks for the grocery industry are whining about extra costs entailed and say they won't use the new bags (too expensive) but will just go with paper. That means more trees being knocked down and us having to figure out how to carry paper bags from our car to our apartment. We are not fans. The Chron, however, points out that's all hogwash and that it's not too difficult for stores to buy the other kind of bags.