In the spirit of full disclosure SFist has got to admit that we tend to find bass players awfully cute. Maybe it’s their aloofness, or the way that the bass line provides the melodic underpinnings for the entire band? At least that’s what Eric Allen, bass player for the Apples in Stereo tells us. The Apple’s new album, New Magnetic Wonder, has been on heavy rotation the last couple of months—"Same Old Drag" is already slated to be an SFist best of the year. You can see the band play tomorrow night at the Independent—their live shows are killer, and it’s been a long time since they’ve played in SF. In the mean time, sit back, and check out what Allen has to say about crowds telling him to turn it down, travel tips, and style advice.

What’s the best show you’ve ever played and what made it great?
Probably in Tokyo opening up for Cornelius. It was huge, we felt like we were in Beatle mania... screaming fans, pushing and everything.

What’s your favorite venue to play?
Great American Music Hall. We’ve played there three times. It’s beautiful, there’s something so romantic about it because it’s so old and beautiful. Just knowing the history. The Dead, scenes from Behind the Green Door, it makes our trashy rock show seem classy. There’s not a bad seat in there.

Where are the best fans?
Detroit-- they’re just out of their mind. Even if there’s just 150 people it sounds like there’s 300 because they are screaming, jumping around, all of them out of their minds. Just people in Detroit are kind of tougher and wilder, so if they like something you’re going to hear bout it.

The Apples in Stereo// 03/23/07// The Independent// Tickets $15// Show at 9 pm