Late word: What? Gavin Newsom lied to us! At the last Fake Question Time, Gavin clearly told us that the next "town hall meeting" would be in April and address the issue of crime in District 5. So color us surprised when we start hearing word on Monday that Third Fake Question Time is going to be next Monday, March 26, at Cesar Chavez Elementary in District 9 on health care. (note: there's a press release about it up now on the website dated 3/15, but it wasn't there when we first heard this rumor yesterday afternoon, which was 3/20.)

But... but... but... Gavin told us the Fake Question Times were going to be during weekends, and that he wanted everyone to know about them so we could all go and be part of the process! Next, you're going to tell us he's not really single. You're killing us here, Gavin! (Plus -- we're so mad -- we can't make it that day. Readers, please go with cameras and send us pictures and tales!)

Postponed party: So. Where can we go complain about this Fake Question Time trickery?? Well, shoot. The GavinWatch relaunch party originally set for this Thursday's been postponed due to the city shutting down their Balazo Gallery venue. Will Gavin's people stop at nothing to shut down GavinWatch???? Was it not enough to hack their site??? (If this is all a ploy to build up buzz for the next GavinWatch YouTube clips, guys, it's working!)

--And cancelled appearance! We have it on good authority that Jennifer Siebel did appear at the Friday screening of her movie at the SFIAAFF, claiming that she suddenly got "stuck" in New York and couldn't make it. We're sure that had nothing to do with last week's Siebel blogging brouhaha. However, she did make it to Monday night's screening, without Gavin. Nobody in the audience had the nerve to ask her any questions about him at the Q&A.

Picture of Gavin at the 2007 CityBeat Luncheon by Orange Exposure from our Flickr stream (Be cool like Orange Exposure and tag your pictures SFist too! They have some awesome pictures well worth checking out.)