We love a good Cinderella story and apparently so do a bunch of people on dates. Year of the Fish, a modern interpretation of a 9th century Chinese folk tale played at the Van Ness AMC 1000 on Friday night and the place was lousy with well-groomed couples holding-hands and making kissy faces at each other.

Unfortunately, there's something about placing this Chinese Cinderella tale in a massage parlor in New York's Chinatown that disturbed us in the same way Pretty Woman did. The "stepsisters" in this case are the gals who gonk logs and offer a little anal invasion for tips.

Yu Xian--Cinderella in this tale -- scrubs the floors. Sure, we wanted things to turn out well for Yu Xian, like we did for Julia Roberts but even though she's not actually giving hand-jobs, there were some pretty troubling moments in this movie that had us scratching our heads.

Some freaky immigrant exploitation, promised violence to tender parts, SFIAAFF stalwart Ken Leung, and some queasiness, after the jump.

SFist Mihi kicked it Rotoscope-animated style at the SFIAAFF Friday night.