Preview for the movie Baby, which premiered last night at the SF Int'l Asian-Am Film Fest. (Movie's not rated but this clip probably should be rated R for violence.) The clip is a pretty good example of what the movie's like (though the movie is better lit).

If you describe a movie as "the Asian American Boyz N The Hood," you're going to get a lot of attention. This screening of Baby was totally sold out, and the rescreening on Tuesday at 7:30 at the AMC 1000 is completely sold out as well (though same-day rush tickets will be made available). Tickets remain available for Sunday Saturday the 24th in San Jose.

For a certain set of Asian-American movie watchers, Baby is going to become their Scarface -- this intense story focuses on 18-year-old Baby, who's just finished up seven years in prison and returning to his San Gabriel Valley home and its complicated gang politics scene. As Baby struggles to find his footing after the killing of his mentor, his estrangement from his straight-living friends, and his caring but dissolute father, events take their natural course.