Aw, you guys! Have we told you lately how much we love you? We sent out a plea for pictures from yesterday's Barack Obama rally in Oakland and all you awesome readers who went sent along some amazing pictures. Take that, Chronicle news photogs! (though this aerial picture they have is also really cool.)

Obama threw out some fightin'-mad blue-state rhetoric ("I am proud to have opposed the war," and "Don't stand next to a flag and say you believe in supporting the troops when you forget them when you come home") and was expected to raise about $1 million at a fundraiser in SF at the Mark Hopkins last night. Too rich for our blood -- so we're just going to keep looking through our Flickr stream (tag 'em SFist) and the [email protected] mailbox (send 'em in!) and thinking about a Democratic victory in 08!

More pictures after the jump: all are great. And if you're interested in watching clips of the rally, the Oakland Trib has some here. (Quicktime required).

Picture by reader Jacob Kearns, from his blog San Francisco Pictures