As the political season starts to heat up, there's so many bloggers monitoring politicians' activities that we're thinking we need to start a new column, the _____Watch. There's so many people needing to be assessed these days!

So we start off with local progressive Internet guerrillas GavinWatch. Welcome back! After their mysterious disappearance, they've changed all their old passwords, reuploaded all their old clips -- and they're ready to start watching Gavin Newsom again! (GavinWatch -- are you behind these Newsom BETRAY stickers popping up all over town?) They're having their grand reopening party this Thursday at the Balazo Gallery on 18th and Mish, which promises to be filled with their usual anti-Newsom political action hilarity. Will we find out who exactly GavinWatch is at the party? Will folks from Team Newsom Reelection try to crash? We'll just have to wait and see.

dalysign.JPGBut wait! That's not the only ____Watch in town. Pat Murphy at the Sentinel's just launched his own blogspot Watch -- for (guess who): his frenemy Chris Daly! Alas, there's no exciting GavinWatch-style YouTube clips or animated .gif graphics on yet (just a long story about the latest in Daly's attempts to launch an investigation against Murphy for ethics violations), but we're sure all you anti-Dalys will be happy to volunteer your digital cameras and Java skills to Pat Murphy's cause. As Murphy says on the site, "Watch the man with care, and render your judgment here."

And finally -- Chronicle Watch! Dude, Chris Daly has not taken down his campaign sign from the intersection of Mission and South Van Ness. We mean it, Chris, we're gonna email the big Watchers in town now! (Can someone please lend Chris Daly a stepladder to take that sign down?)

Picture of BETRAY sticker from our Flickr stream (tag 'em SFist) by Steve Rhodes; we took the picture of the Daly 06 sign at Mission and South Van Ness.