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Maybe walkies after this?:


A: When we put your Question to the San Francisco Department of Traffic and Parking's Enforcement Division operator at 415 553-1631. They informed us that you're never supposed to park in the median on Valencia! Of course, plenty do. So, when do the authorities tow?

According to our intrepid operator, DPT is not dispatched to that area unless a neighbor calls and complains.

And what of SFPD? What's their role in this? "PD can do 'whatever' if they are in the area," said our operator briskly, "If they want to call it in to the tow trucks, they do." The police "usually try to 'locate' first, and then order the tow truck". How long does it take for a tow truck to respond? Fifteen to twenty minutes. "A busy Friday or Saturday night could take quite a while though."

AmyWinehouserehab.jpgQ: Amy Winehouse? Is she playing in SF? ~~~ Caroline

A: Yes, she'll be doing a pre-Coachella gig south of Market at Popscene.

The show is sold out, but you could still get in through craigslist or persistence at the door of the show. Here's the info:

Amy Winehouse / The Klaxons
April 26, 2007
Doors open at 9:00 PM
330 Ritch, San Francisco
Age 18 and up

Amy Winehouse saaangin' picture via

You asked for questions and here is mine: I have parked on the Valencia street median a few times when I saw other cars parked there. One night we saw people being towed on Valencia between 17th & 18th .On other nights we see cars parked. I would really like to know when is it OK to park in the median. ~~~ Molly \ Daly City