And away we go....

SFist: Okay, here's the next question-- if this team doesn't do well, should Sabaen take the fall or should Magowan take a measure of blame?

Also, what do you think about the recent news that the Giants tried to trade for A-Rod over the off-season and speculation that they will go.

El Lefty Malo: Magowan has to take some blame. He's the one writing the checks. I don't know to what extent he has say over smaller contracts, such Aurilia's or Dave Roberts, but he must have given Sabean the green light to sign Zito. And the Giants of recent years are a product of management's insistence on building veteran teams around Bonds. That's not just Sabean's strategy.

I hadn't heard the news about A-Rod. Were the attempts to trade for him serious, or just due diligence? Personally I don't give a shit about A-Rod's alleged prima donna behavior. He'll probably end up one of the top 20 players of all-time. If he opts out of his contract, and the Giants can figure out a way to pay him without sacrificing other aspects of their long-term plan, I say go for it.