It's our de rigueur day-after-the-scandal post, where we compile all the links we can find about the thing we were all talking about yesterday and turn it into a post for the next day!

For those of you just tuning in -- here's the link to our original story, and here's a link to Jennifer Siebel's infamous comment (the one that the Chron has chosen not to print).

So before we get started, we just want to correct something in the record -- while we did make some light fun of Jennifer Siebel's houndstooth coat at Second Fake Question Time, we think Ms. Siegel is actually referring to a post by Fashion Correspondent SFist Elaine when she said in her comment that this correspondent shouldn't make fun of her clothes because she can't afford a nicer jacket. SFist Elaine, meanwhile, is looking for a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress on sale too.

Okay, back to the links. So hey, we made it on the front page of the Chronicle! But... for mayoral blog indiscretions again? It's like we only do one thing around here or something. Hey, we post about lots of other non-politics topics around here too, you know -- we're covering the Asian-American Film Festival this week! Stay tuned for that! Also -- check out the ChronBlog coverage if you want more comment-o-mania besides what we've got over here.

--Meanwhile, before chaos broke out, Jennifer posted a link to her commentary at SFLuxe. And hey, SFLuxe called us non-stylish! Ha! Guilty as charged! (Though again, please note that we never personally said Siebel needed a stylist -- and SFist Elaine is super cute.)

Links around the San Francisco blogosphere after the jump. Also -- the return of GavinWatch!