It looks like after all the complaints and controversy, is now officialy the owners of the Armory. All this after a racous hearing on the issue in front of the planning commission in which the commission said that there is nothing they can do about who owns the building but that they probably should have notified residents beforehand.

The meeting featured supporters of's owner Peter Acworth and neighborhood residents opposed to the plan, many of whom wore ribbons to show solidarity against Gosh, wearing ribbons for a cause is so early 90's. Said one opponent about the new owners moving in: "...I think it's a disrespectful action to the people of that community, to our culture as Latinos, to the people of that neighborhood and to the children who are going to school right around the corner." She is, of course, referring to's series of tortilla fetish videos. Supporters pointed out what Acworth is promising to do to help clean up a rather blighted neighborhood and, well, this is San Francisco. Said one: "It’s important we maintain San Francisco’s reputation of tolerance, acceptance and freedom to come out here."

Oh, the above video is of Peter Acworth meeting his new neighbors.