...Personally if I'm racist then so is Sofia Coppola. And more importantly I'd like to talk about the philosophy of "," which tells a story about cyborg dragons fighting in the Middle Ages.

[....]Well, I generally hate black and white people, but the [why I hate] Asian [people] article [in Asianweek] was sarcastic. It's kind of like the sarcasm I had in my novel, in which dragons slay tons and tons of humans. But this relates to — in the sense that dragons logically follow evolution so they would be able to wield metal.

[....]Therefore, since perception creates reality, in both the quantum and relativistic realms, I must be god. So the only reason why — so if there is such a thing as god, then he's me. Either worship me or, you know, forsake religion.

Ladies and gentlemen -- Mr. Kenneth Eng! You have to read the rest of the interview too, the quotes we're not including are just as awesome.

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