City spokesman Brad Rovanpera said that nobody seemed to notice anything until news trucks started showing up in the Creek to report on all this. The reason, of course, is that now we seem to have a War on Easter as well as a War on Christmas. We hear news too that the President is already forging attendance sheets to sit out this war. Last year, there was a mini-skirmish in a Minneapolis Mall when they changed the bunny to spring but other than that, nobody has seemed to mind one way or the other. Now we have O'Reilly barking on one side while McSweeney gives marching orders on the other side.

Of course, none of this bunny stuff is even remotely war-like when compared to an atheist organization sneaking copies of "The God Who Wasn't There" into churches. Even we think that's going a bit too far, albeit kind of clever. And did you know you could get t-shirts on the War on Easter?