The woman in question, Deborah Palfrey, supposedly has forty-six pounds of client records with around 10,000 names. She also is threatening to call as witnesses all sorts of high-powered people during her trial, including allegedly a high-profile Clinton aide (Dick Morris?) all in an effort scare the living daylights out of enough people to have the FBI back off.

Palfrey was indicted last week for a whole host of illegal and rather sleazy behavior. Mainly advertising her wares all over the D.C. area under another name and then laundering the money received all over the place. And here's a fun fact-- before she hired a prostitute to work for her, she made them have sex with a man for no money to make sure they weren't an undercover cop. Most of her 132 employees were college educated, over 22 years of age, and had other jobs on the side. Palfrey's defense is that she ran a perfectly normal and legal "escort service."

But one question is still out there about this story-- what the hell was she doing out in Vallejo? Unless there's a lot more going out in Vallejo than we thing there is and we think you know what we mean.