You know, even we're thrown for a loop on this.

The proclamation came the day of a gala event (link NSFW) at the city's War Memorial for the company. The event was held the day before the GAYVN Awards, the big Gay Video awards event.

So here comes Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, chairman of the Anaheim-based Traditional Values Coalition "No other major city in the nation has gone so far as to blatantly glorify a homosexual porn producer and company." And Bill O'Reilly jumped in, saying "there is not another city in the country that has ever had a 'gay porn day'. And you wonder why your city is looked upon as a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah?"

And you know, Bill might be right about that. Not about the Sodom and Gomorrah bit (and if we are, we're darn proud of it) but the whole "only in San Francisco" thing. It might be just us, but we're not seeing Lincoln Nebraska having a "Vivid Video Day." Or hell, even politically correct us having a "Vivid Video Day." Or even having a day honoring the Mitchell Brothers.

California Assemblyman Mark Leno and San Francisco Treasurer Jose Cisneros also joined in on the proclamation fun and Bevan Dufty was in attendance at the GAYVN. And that's probably something you won't be seeing in pretty much any other place, a government official attending a porn award show.