Gavin, Schmavin -- bored now. Call us when a shorn-headed Gavin goes bananas outside Kimberly Guilfoyle's house and starts whacking an SUV with a bright-green umbrella! (Maybe Britney was just looking a little too much forward to a drink at the end of her workday as well.)

Anyhow, since everyone insists on continuing not to run for mayor against Gavin Newsom (including us, though that's very sweet of you to suggest it, Jill and Jerry Jarvis! The thought of us running the city of San Francisco is hilarious; we see ourselves running an administration like the one on that TV show Benson) -- we've now moved onto the next big spat in local politics.

That's right, Mark Leno has declared for the State Senate race against incumbent (and former friend) Carole Migden. Leno will be holding a rally on Friday March 2 at noon at the Yerba Buena Gardens. The Bay Guardian is already wringing its hands over the whole thing -- since both of them are pretty equal on the issues -- ? Sounds like Leno's got Newsom, Migden's got Chris Daly and Aaron Peskin, but everyone else in town is up for grabs.

We made this picture all by ourselves! SFist Jim, hope it's okay that we borrowed one of your Migden pictures for the fighter on the left.

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