Watch the trailer for Your Mommy Kills Animals.

We felt a little bad when the lady working the concession stand at the Roxie seemed so startled we were getting butter on our popcorn -- but hey, the IndieFest documentary Your Mommy Kills Animals is a movie about the radical animal rights movement, so we can't blame her for thinking the audience would be in general staying away from dairy-based fats.

Your Mommy Kills Animals aims to present a scrupulously-neutral portrait of the current state of the animal rights movement, and ends up doing a very good job illuminating the diversity of opinion (or infighting) between various camps of activists: some support violent action, many don't; some support euthanizing animals, many don't; all are quite thoughtful, some say some really boneheaded things, and none of them really like PETA or the Humane Society of the United States very much.

We had no idea that PETA supports euthanasia, that the Humane Society of the U.S. is perceived as not having been very helpful during Katrina, and that animal rights activists had so much in common with mink farmers, after the jump.