This year's Noise Pop Film Fest runs from Feb. 28 through March 4, and is featuring movies like: a documentary about 924 Gilman, a Sonic Youth concert video shot by concertgoers, a Roky Erickson biopic, and an evening of short films and readings, co-presented with the arch letterpressers of McSweeney's. We're psyched!

Plus -- there's a one-day Iron Chef-style music video competition on March 3, where teams get 10 hours to film a video featuring three secret elements (using properly-licensed music of their choice). Teams meet at 9 a.m. at Dolores Park, videos screen at 8 p.m. that same day at 12 Galaxies. So look for people filming homages to Spike Jonze's Beastie Boys' video all over the Mission that day.