Ralph Nader is in town this week to promote his new book, The Seventeen Traditions. He did an interview with KGO radio criticizing Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi and 2008 Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. Here are some choice quotes, per the Chron:

On Hillary Clinton: "She's just another bad version of (former President) Bill Clinton.'' And finally: "She has no political fortitude." Damn, that's worse than Donatella Versace telling Hillary to wear more skirts!

Ralph wants progressives to start a "Pelosi Watch" group. Somebody better alert GavinWatch! We believe they called dibs, Mr. Nader.

The Party-Crasher also said Presidential hopeful Barack Obama "has capacity" but, like Clinton, "He hasn't shown that much political fortitude." We're guessing Ralph won't be appearing on Oprah any time soon.

And the bombshell: Ralph is "considering" throwing his hat into the 2008 presidential race. May we suggest Tim Robbins as a running mate?

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