Now the thing about this is that in the last year and a half, there have been eight crashes at the intersection, all caused by red light runners. Last July, a four year old was killed when a car collided into another car and that car spun into the sidewalk and killed the kid. That's horrible. The thing is, though, according to the SFPD's traffic department, that intersection isn't considered one of the busiest. Your worst intersection? Ninth and Harrison which clocked in with 10 since 2005.

Actually, pedestrian deaths are on the rise in the city. There was seventeen last year but only fourteen the year before. And since 2000, 134 people have been hit by cars. The most dangerous neighborhoods are the Taraval and SoMa areas.

To try and make things safer for pedestrians, the Department of Traffic is considering doing things like speed humps (my humps, humps, my lovely driving humps), more timed pedestrian signals (we think those are great) and "bulb outs." It'll also help if people weren't such a bunch of idiots but there's nothing we can do about that.