Okay, to start things off, that's a YouTube clip of Daniel Powter's Had A Bad Day. Play it as you read this post!

Gavin Newsom started off the first day of the rest of his life with a press conference at the Academy of Art College about PG&E's "Energy Watch" program. Since it was the first press conference he's done since announcing his plan to seek treatment for alcohol abuse, it was, predictably, mobbed with media. (N.B.: silver-gray tie.)

When he saw the scene, Gavin noted sardonically, "I never knew they were so interested in this issue!" Hey, that's not very nice to the Bay Guardian reporter present, who's been doggedly covering the corporatization of the city's environmental policy for months, if not years.

The meeting went downhill from there, with Gavin receiving no applause when he was introduced, and a tense reception for his speech about power-saving light bulbs. After the speech, he refused to take any questions not about energy, and when the Bay Guardian reporter asked if he ever would, Gavin said, "You've taken liberty with the question." Gavin then tersely asked another reporter to get out of the way of his door as he got into his town car and sped off. In revenge, the Chronicle described him as "testy" in their breaking news report this afternoon.

Yesterday at a public meeting, Gavin snapped at a photographer and Chron reporter as well, interrupting the meeting to say angrily, "Should I just pose for you so you can get your shot? What do you want? What's the headline in tomorrow's paper?" (For the record, it was "Newsom to Seek Help for Alcohol Abuse.")

Testy indeed! Man, if he's still that upset this Saturday, the second Fake Question Time is going to be off the hook.

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Video still from today's press conference from ABC 7.