Quick -- which one of those pictures above is of Valencia Street in SF and which is of Williamsburg in Brooklyn?

Bay Area blogger Overstated has put together his list of what New York neighborhoods correspond to which San Francisco ones. Check out his list, and let the great debates begin!

Here's some calls we agree with:
-- Williamsburg is the Mission. Last time we were on Bedford Avenue, honest to God we thought we'd end up at Luna Park for brunch.
--Pac Heights and Noe Valley absolutely are the Upper East and Upper West Sides. All the old money lives in Pac Heights, and there's nothing to do or to eat in Noe Valley either.

And some ones we dispute:
--Russian Hill = Park Slope? That ain't right! We'd go with Park Slope = Bernal Heights. Russian Hill is too boring to be Park Slope.
--And Brooklyn Heights isn't Potrero -- Telegraph Hill is Brooklyn Heights. Telegraph Hill has the waterfront, the history, the scenicness! If Bill Cosby lived in SF, he'd totally live on Telegraph Hill. Potrero is maybe Gramercy/Union Square Park -- originally a second choice if you can't afford either the Upper East or Upper West side but now with expensive real estate and more restaurants than you'd think.

And ones we aren't sure about:
--Is Hayes Valley Chelsea?
--Is the Upper Haight the East Village?

Overstated says he hopes someone will ultimately put a list like this together for all major cities around the world. That would rule. What neighborhood in Paris is equivalent to what neighborhood in L.A. is equivalent to Fort Greene in New York? Answer: the stretch of Valencia Street with Ritual Roasters on it.

Thanks to our little birdie in the MSM for forwarding us the link! And Valencia Street is to the right in the pictures above.