So you're Alex Tourk. Everything is fine and honky dorky until your wife, out of the blue, admits to having a fling with not only your boss but one of your best buddies. Even worse, it appears the everyone in the city (except us) knew about it but you didn't. Man, that's one hell of a bad week. Whenever we see these storylines on TV or in the movies, it always ends badly, like in people being shot and killed badly.

So where are we with all of this? Well everybody is still loving the story. It's in this week's Newsweek and Time. Wonkette finally weighed in on it (says a commentor: "Oh this is SF. They love making mountains out of mole hills at every perceived ethical lapse.") and the story even made Perez Hilton. SFGate reports they had their biggest date ever in terms of page views. When the images from SFGate linked to Drudge, the site slowed to a crawl. But with a story this juicy, how could people not be into it?

The first immediate question is what's next for the Gavster? As he tried to get back to his job, the question is just how good of a job can he do? As the Chron says, now that he's been taken down a notch or two, a lot of things he wants to work on-- homelessness, health care, the WiFi deal-- is considerably more of a challenge due to either distractions or a lot of people being even less willing to help him. Already, one fund raiser has been cancelled with the possibility of another being cancelled too. But as even Newsweek says, San Francisco is a fairly forgiving place. Says Wille Brown, a man who knows a few things or too about catting around: "being a hedonist is not a disability in San Francisco.” And God love San Francisco for that. On the other hand, some people are geting huffy over it.

Picture from SFGate