Are shootings even news anymore? Lately it seems like a day can't go by in this city without gun violence.

We're getting unconfirmed reports that there was a shooting at Kragen Auto Parts at 3855 Geary, between 2nd and 3rd Ave. An ambulance is on the scene, according to an eyewitness. We'll let you know when we get updates or confirmation.

Update 3, 2/4/07 1:20am: Now CBS is saying it "may have been gang-related." Whee. "May have been" of course could also mean "may not have been," so take that as you will. Personally, we suspect that the shooting was retaliation for the apparently capital offense of not having memorized every obscure made-up neighborhood name in the whole goddamn city.

Update 2, 2/3/07 8:35pm: Our witness says that there was an exchange -- a string of semiautomatic shots, then a pause, then another string of semiautomatic shots. Victims were in the doorway of Kragen. Police, ambulance, an fire vehicles showed up after about three or four minutes. Witness adds, "the one night I decide to go out, and THIS happens."

Update 1, 2/3/07 8:30pm: CBS5 has it that there was a shooting at 6:30pm, with suspects speeding off eastbound on Geary. Two victims; one with life-threatening injuries, one without. No word on motive.

Also, CBS5 is referring to that neighborhood as "San Francisco's Lone Mountain." What the hell?