SFiS -- more than just SFist minus the T! We give the new glossy advertorial section of the Chronicle our patented By The Numbers treatment below. (Warning -- SFiS only appears in .pdf form so many, but not all, of the links featured here will require Adobe Acrobat.)

Average cost of items promoted in SFiS (not including ads): $399.91.

Number of Catherine Bigelow columns: 6. (new recaps of Gordon Getty's birthday party, the Red Tie gala where Mayor Newsom debuted current girlfriend Jennifer Siebel, new coverage of Stanlee Gatti's Conservatory of Flowers party and a party for the Friends of the Urban Forest, and two profiles about treasured art.)

Getty v. Traina: Over the entire SFiS, 13-2. Gavin is represented 4 times.

Spouses of former SFist editors on the masthead of SFiS: 1. Hi, Tim!

The name of the margarita drink "served in a hand-etched Salviati crystal martini glass with the rim dusted with flakes of gold leaf that quiver in the slightest draft of air" at the Four Seasons Silicon Valley: The 101 (named after the highway, even though Northern Californians don't usually put a definite article before their highway numbers).

Number of rings on the pinky of the Macy's men's fashion director in his photo shoot: 6.

Number of organic fashion items receiving multiple bids at the Global Green auction: at least 3 (a "50's inspired, organic cotton butterfly-print cocktail dress," an "olive-green bamboo knit sheath with a recycled silk obi belt," and a "ruffled fleece coat and silk dress").

Number of wedding pictures featured: 4, under the title "Union Squared." That's a pretty good title! We can't wait for SFiS to start featuring wedding announcements!!!