Hey everyone, in the midst of all this Ruby Rippey-Tourk madness, guess who showed up for a photo session and interview with the Chron? That's right -- Peter Ragone's best friend and your correspondent's biggest fan, John Nelson! We always love to meet our readers!

It's all somewhat anticlimactic, as Ragone's already admitted he posted all the comments listed under his IP address under John's name (and -- c'mon, we've got bigger fish to fry today!), but nonetheless, Ragone claims that everything he posted here is Nelson's opinion and was only posted after talking to John first.

John, the head of a market research company who has a healthy and vibrant interest in San Francisco politics despite living in San Anselmo, says:

Everything with my name on it is my view or came from my discussion with Peter. At times, I said, 'Sure, go ahead and post that for me.' It's a little silly. I'm surprised at how much attention it's received. I'm surprised that anyone is taking it that seriously."

Wow, John Nelson thinks we're his sister, and seems to know an awful lot about our employment history. Quick, Brother Nelson, where do we work now? (hint: not Gonzalez & Leigh).

Gavin, for his part, says:

Put this in perspective. We have a lot of people in this city who need us to focus on a lot of other things. Am I happy? No. Is it going to continue? Absolutely not. This from my perspective is not grounds to remove Peter from his job.

Honestly -- there's no hard feelings on this correspondent's end. We certainly understand that sometimes people get a little overexcited on the Internet. Thanks for reading the site, John and Peter, and please do know you're always welcome to post your views at SFist. (Though maybe under your own names and from your own computers in the future, okay?)