So please pardon us if we've become a little obsessed in following the online coverage of SFist Jon's exposé and evening news report -- but look what we've found!

--Stalwart video hounds GavinWatch were first on the scene on Sock Puppet Thursday, and then followed it up the next day with a handy-dandy, well-linked summary of the whole John Nelson IP address brouhaha. And hey -- who's this "anonymous" that keeps writing them?

--The lovable curmudgeons on the local political chatboard SFWall chimed in next -- after accusing our site of "sucking donkey d***" (illustrated with a picture), they seem to have settled on the position of disliking both us the Newsom administration.

--The lovable, less-volatile curmudgeons on rival local news chat board SFJunto, have been mocking Ragone for awhile now (the parody of Ragone's emails to Dan Noyes are well worth reading). There's also a poll about how much longer you think Ragone will be in the Newsom administration, but you have to register as a member of their board to vote.

--Next, we have the local blogs: Left in SF posted two very nice defenses of us, SFPartyParty chimes in, and the Bay Guardian promises to redouble their efforts to actually get a sit-down interview with Ragone about his bad-boy antics by the bay. And zany Gavinophile Beth Spotswood chimes in as well!

--And KGO 7 is weighing in on Noyes's coverage and the John Nelson/byorn comments on their blogs as well. Byorn? Who's Byorn?

And just in case you want to relive the SFist glory -- here's the links to our coverage: Gavin's Sock Puppet (and the graphic of the IP addresses and comment excerpts); SFist On TV; and SFist On TV On YouTube (ABC 7 footage.)

Picture of Peter Ragone by SFMike of the Civic Center blog. We added the editorial commentary.