We don't have anything funny to say about this one -- we're simply at a loss. Rumor had it yesterday that Gavin picked Stuart Sunshine to be his new Deputy Chief of Staff, and now the mayor's Director of Communications Peter Ragone (not to be confused with houseguest John Nelson) has confirmed it. Stuart will be leaving the MTA and moving to the mayor's administration, where he'll be "focusing on infrastructure and transportation."

That's just terrible.

Stuart's one of those bosses who gets promoted to new and better jobs not because he's awesome, but in order to put him in the position where he can do the least amount of damage. Remember those fare hikes and service cuts that Muni went though a few years ago? That was under his stewardship. Throughout the last three mayoral administrations, he's waged a war against improving the Transbay Terminal. He had his hands in the patronage-rich SFO runway extension. He repeatedly derided Muni's legally-mandated but never-achieved goal of 85%-on-time. He worked to stop Caltrain from expanding into downtown.

Basically, think about everything that's awful about Bay Area transportation ... and that's the guy who'll be chieffing up the mayor's staff.

After the jump: we reminisce about the good old times, and also revisit that Octavia/Market intersection nobody can stop talking about these days.