Drew Altizer generously passed along some pictures he took of Naomi Campbell, who was in town yesterday (maybe also today, we can't find any information about her itinerary online). Man, Gavin is kicking himself that he agreed to go to Davos this week! Apparently there's no good celebrities over there this year.

Naomi's here to announce a FashionLive event scheduled for some time in March, at which point she'll come back and walk a San Francisco runway for the first time. (We can't seem to find any information online about when it'll be, but if we do, we'll replace this parenthetical with a link.) Naomi also stopped by a local children's center for at-risk youth and met up with some kids and administrators.

Just in case you're wondering why we're not making the obvious joke -- Campbell's apparently heard all the cell phone chucking remarks everyone's already been making, and taking it all in relatively good stride, so we figured. why bother?

More pictures by Drew after the jump, and on his website as well.