Why gather with strangers in a theater to stare at funny films on a screen when you could . . . sit at home on your couch and stare at funny films (even these most of these films) on your computer. Because the former is more fun, silly!

Plus, if you watched them by yourself, you'd miss the inspired lunacy of hosts Tony Hale and the Barrel Brothers (Greg Bratman and Dusty Brown). The amazing Hale (best known as overeducated mama's boy Buster Bluth on TV's late-lamented Arrested Development) is a sight to behold. He says more with a squint or shrug than Meryl Streep does with a dozen dialects.

As the Barrels' third brother, Petey, Hale dutifully handed the boys props and cleaned up after them in a manner that only became clear when the night's last film screened (recounting the gripping tale of the Barrels' journey from Littlewhile, Kansas, to a California sound stage).

by SFist Karen S.