Anyways, not much has gone on in the past few days but there have been a few developments. First up is that police investigators flew down to LA over the weekend to finally get official statements from the people who were assaulted. For those keeping score at home, that's about two weeks after the actual assault.

Which brings up the central question in all of this-- what happened when all of this went down. We all know the police showed up and detained four of the guys involved but released them soon after. The question is why.

According to the cops, the police went to go looking for members of the choral group after everything went down but couldn't find any of the members to give positive IDs. That's being disputed by pretty much everyone else-- the members of the choral group, their families, and their lawyers. According to both Matt Gonzalez and Jim Hammer, two lawyers hired by the members of the group, the group gave pretty specific details to the cops that night. It's also being reported that members of the group ID'ed a couple of people when the cops showed up but the cops basically told them to move along. Hammer, who is also a legal analyst on Fox and BFF with Gavin's wife ex-wife, said that there was no follow up afterwards and the cops just let it go.