As we've mentioned, better watch this clip (or upload it to YouTube) before ABC 7 takes it down -- media hound Dan Noyes from the "I Team" (we think the I stands for "investigation") works his magic on Gavin Newsom yet again!

The interview is ostensibly about the Yale a capella singer situation, but the fun really starts around 3:30, when Dan asks Gavin to comment about the stories going around town about his excessive drinking, and then Gav's all like, "This interview is over," but then inexplicably continues to talk (and talk and talk and talk) for about a minute more before finally storming off into his limo and slamming the door. Just GO, Gavin! By the end, we were kind of hoping he'd get on his cell phone and call for his boys to come in 20 deep.

The transcript of the whole interview is up here too. Oh, Gavin, you accidentally call Kimberly Guilfoyle your wife, did you? Tragic. (Also, we liked Gavin's exhortation "to remind our parents to be good stewards of underage drinking." Will you be giving Mr. and Mrs. Mountz a call next?)

Screen grab of Gavin not letting it go, from the ABC 7 interview video.