To pay tribute to James Brown, we spent a few minutes looking through YouTube this morning to find a video clip that would do him justice. It wasn't easy. Not only are there so many of them but they spanned upwards of almost forty years. But this one we kinda dig because it's from the early 70's and it's got all sorts of early 70's goodness to it-- Afros and polyester and James Brown in a moustache. It's also recorded from some French TV show so it's got French subtitles and not just white people dancing, but French white people dancing. It's kinda rocking too.

You know, the thing about his music is that we've all heard his hits over-and-over again. We've heard it on the radio, in commercials, and in parodies. They're Baby Boomer clichés at this point. And the thing is that no matter how many times we've heard it, in the right mood, in the right situation, his songs still make you want to shake your groove thing like nobody's business.