Well, the latest rumor (from the Bay Area Reporter) is that folks have heard tell that Aaron Peskin is now thinking about running for the State Senate seat as well. Whaaaaa? The tea-leaf readers think maybe he's working with Migden, to try and split the progressive vote between himself and Leno, to assure Migden's victory. Or, more ominously for Migden -- it could be that Migden is now seen as easy prey. Folks in Marin and Sonoma (which are in the same district as SF) are now thinking maybe they should run someone too.

And this just in, from the Left in SF comments -- apparently Gavin's now upset with Leno for running against Migden too. Not so much out of any loyalty to Harry Britt (who lost to Leno for the Assembly seat in 2002) or dedication to Migden (at whose same-sex wedding he officiated), but because he's afraid that if Leno runs, Migden will definitely run for mayor against him and he doesn't want the stress.

But wait! The waters get murkier (and Don Perata gets involved), after the jump.

Picture of Aaron Peskin and Mark Leno talking at the SF Center for Economic Development Legislators' Forum.