There've been quite a few good Questions sent to us, and we're still working on them. That means you, Justin.

Tune in Wednesday for your regularly scheduled SFist Answers.

Keep your Questions coming to [email protected] and we will answer them once this whole holiday-ish thing clears up. We blame the solstice.

On with the show.


A: That version of "Ooh Child" is by The Five Stairsteps, our sources say.

Q: Does yogurt cause you to have gas? ~~~ A. Fanofyourwebsite \ San Francisco

A: After a week of "Study," no perceptible change in gas level was observed. A little phlegmy-er, but not gassier.

May you all have a wondrous holiday season that suits you as well as it can. And should have Questions, you know where to bring 'em!

So, who's singing the version of "Ooh Child" heard on the Pursuit of Happyness trailer? ~~~ Margaret \ San Francisco