Look who's launched his "reelect me in 2007" website! (Thanks, Usual Suspects!) Mysteriously, Gavin and his handlers didn't choose the domain name gavinnewsom2007.com, but went with actlocallysf.com instead.

ActLocallySF.org is quite a multimedia extravaganza, with a Flickr page set up, a blog with entries about how Gavin loves the Niners (he's a sports blogger, just like SFist Christopher Rogers!), online polls, a blogroll (which is not up yet -- we hope we're included!), and a calendar of upcoming events, along with the usual exhortations to give money and volunteer for the campaign.

Our favorite section, though? Pet Peeves -- illustrated with a whimsical animated gif of a small terrier running back and forth on your screen, and where you're invited to email Gavin Newsom's campaign with "What's bothering you about San Francisco?" Ha!!

We took Gavin up on his offer -- and asked "Why won't you participate in Question Time?" We'll let you know if we get a response. And feel free to email him yourself!

(Incidentally, Gavin's currently-listed pet peeve is "It bothers me that you have to search far and wide to buy a fast pass. We're trying to fix that." We feel like we've discussed that around here recently ourselves. Gavin, are you reading SFist??)

Picture off flickr, by user GavinNewsom2007. We picked this one because it was the best shot of Gavin with the blue tie on.