The easiest way of getting to the Oakland airport is AirBart. AirBart is a bus service that runs from the Oakland Coliseum BART station to the airport. It's only two bucks (plus whatever the BART fare comes to) and is fairly quick and reliable. But like other transit agencies, it's a little short on cash these days. So say hello to a fare increase, that being of $1 meaning, the total fare now is…let's see…one plus two equals...ummm…three bucks. But because it's the holiday season and because everyone is trying to get out of here, they're going to wait next year to raise the fees. The money, actually, is supposed to the purchase of some new two new natural-gas-powered buses and to maintain them. Also to pay for the Port Commission's new executive director's raise.

It was also decided to give out $10 coupons for the Oakland airport parking lots. The problem here is that there's so many cheaper lots around the airport that people aren't using the airport lots. That means less money to the airport. So if you go to the web site or call, you can get a coupon mailed to you.