We'd have a sad face too if the Chron came out against our position on Question Time, some mayoral pipsqueak in Santa Clara was out to eat our Niners lunch, and our chief of staff had just resigned because he'd been clashing with our minder Peter Ragone! (Though for full disclosure, this picture's almost two years old.)

The latest news on the 2007 mayoral front? The Examiner went down to City Hall and got a list of the people who've currently declared their intent to run against Gavin. You've got:

--Rodney Hauge: who declared against Chris Daly for District 6 but didn't follow through. He ran for mayor in 2003 too, but seems to have dropped out before the actual election. Meanwhile, Hauge's been running (unsuccessfully) for the D-triple C.

--Robert McCullough: He lists his occupation as "homeless/champion of Jesus Christ."

--and Frederick Renz: a former mayor of New Jersey. We tried to look him up on Google but only found entries for a Frederick Renz who's active in early music circles.

Sadly, our candidate of choice, Joanna Newsom, has not yet thrown her whimsical knit cap into the ring -- but we can still hope!

More candidates after the jump, including the notorious Malinka Moye -- along with an explanation of the goat joke that Alex Clemens made on Usual Suspects this morning!

Picture off Flickr by kodama. Thanks to Digga Slidwell for pointing it out to us!