According to the complaints, various things have fallen from the top of the stadium onto whole section of stands and the parking lot. Luckily, nobody was there at the time but the fact that parts of the stadium are falling down is not exactly great news. Also, mentioned is the fact that the parking lot easily floods and the words "floating Port-a-Johns" was mentioned. We have a feeling that if Rose were holding onto a floating Port-a-John, Titanic might have had an entirely different ending. Then there's the occasional broken escalator, moldy locker rooms, "third world" women's bathrooms, and other bad things.

The complaints have been so common that one city official called it an "annual pre-season ritual." And therein lies part of the problem. Officials for the 49ers are saying that all of these things are a turn-off and effect ticket sales. Also dangerous. San Francisco officials are basically putting their two fingers together to make with the "world's smallest violin" and telling them that nobody likes a complainer.

At issue is money, of course. San Francisco spends a little over $3 million to maintain the place and the Niners want more than that. San Francisco hasn't been that eager to pay more, partly for budgetary reasons, and partly because they're playing a game of "You Go." As in, we'll step up on money when you go step up on putting together a stadium plan. Of course, the hilarious bit was that the Niners did, except in Santa Clara. Also mentioned by the Niners is the city’s cute little way of not allowing them to give out naming rights to earn money. Because we, of course, prefer to stand on principal than take the cash money.

Oh well.