A few interesting tech stories have come out recently. Hey, we can't do Gavin all day.

The Washington Post is reporting today that the State Department has come up with a new, super technologically advanced way of spying on Iran, mainly Googling people. Aahh...Google, is there anything you can't do? The hope, we guess, is that they'll stumble on some Iranian's nuclear scientist’s MySpace page and hope it mentions under their likes "developing nuclear bomb to fend off the Great Satan." The CIA, however, says that this is probably not a good way to look for intelligence and then fell over in laughter. There's actually a lot more to the story, mainly involving turf wars between the State Department and the CIA (again) over sharing information and the meaning of it all.

Also out there is that New England QB Tom Brady is suing Yahoo! over Yahoo! using a picture of Brady in their fantasy football ads. Brady is claiming that Yahoo! is using his image without the express, written permission of him and so can't be used. Brady, after all, only wants pictures out there that make him look totally gay (see above video). These pictures don't so he wants Yahoo! to take the pictures down.

And finally, the Government finally came down on H.P. for all of their spy-related shenanigans. To the tune of a 14.5 million settlement which sounds like a lot but we're guessing that the Board of H.P. directors could probably put together that kind of money by just looking underneath their sofa pillows. Most of that money will go to state and local funds to investigate things just like what H.P. did. This, however, still doesn't affect the criminal trials of those involved so there still is a chance people will be going to jail over this.