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Hipster Dude #1: "How can she be your doctor, sister, and the woman you accidentally had sex with?"
Hipster Dude #2: "It wasn't an accident."
-- From David/On the steps of the much-complained-about Burke-Lewis apartments

Guy: "Hey! How are you?"
Woman: "Oh hey! Good! How've you been?"
Guy: "Pretty good, pretty good. Did you have your baby yet?"
Woman: [Frowns.]
-- At Church/Market

Student A: "Why didn't you have any pizza in class tonight?"
Student B: "Our professor emailed out that we would have pizza at our last class tonight and when I read pizza, it sounded so good that I ran out and ate a whole bunch for lunch and now I can't eat any."
Student A: "That sucks."
Student B: "I wonder if they had pizza during the middle ages. I bet if they did they would have lived longer."
-- From Tiffany/At the USF law school

Guy 1: "Oh, man, that's a walk-and-a-half!"
Guy 2: "Only if you believe it's a walk-and-a-half."
-- From Leanne/On Sutter St, near Taylor

The scene: a Chinese woman delivers some Chinese take-out at a Chinese restaurant.
Customer: "Do you guys have chopsticks?"
-- In ChinatownThe scene: a slender woman is flipping though photos of a baby. A guy walks by and recognizes her.