Yep, San Jose wants their libraries to be Spank Free.

Or at least by decree of San Jose's mayor-elect, Chuck Reed. Reed was shown a clip of the story KGO ran on all the rampant debauchery seen in libraries and instantly moved into action. One of the first things he'll do as Mayor is call for another investigation and figure out recommendations to alleviate the issue. One of them possibly being moving the computers to areas not near children. Maybe they could put the computers in a special room that you have to get into by showing your id. Like a room behind a black drape or something and you could even charge money. Hey, it could even help pay for library funds. Anyways, they want to do something to prevent all the porn peeking and the things that come out of watching porn.

As for putting up filters, you know to prevent people from going to or, the ACLU says nuh-huh, freedom of speech and all that.

Anyways, KGO called Gavin's people to see what Gavin's response would be. He has yet to return. What? He's too busy in the Philippines to respond to this crucial story?

Eh, whatever. We're just waiting for the day we walk into any library and see a sign posted there reading "This Library Has Been Masturbation Free for 7 Days."