It's official down on The Farm. In a story that we broke more than two months ago, and others are reporting that Stanford has fired head football coach Walt Harris. Hate to say it Main Stream Media, but we told you so.

On December 1, Chron writer Glenn Dickey provided a "scoop" on the Harris situation, claiming "My sources tell me it (Harris firing) could happen as early as Saturday, after the Big Game." A little late Glenn old shoe. Even the reliably cynical Tim Kawakami at the Merc just last week was talking in conditional terms like "if."

Nice and easy Bob, just look right into the camera and lie your ass off. Don't worry about the truth, it's the Main Stream Media you're talking to -- they're paid to believe whatever you tell 'em to. Photo from The Stanford Daily.

That's what they get for not listening. Or for listening to usual sports world nothing-speak. Even after the fact, Stanford AD Bob Bowlsby was dishing a load of crap about not knowing when he had made the decision and how he was desperately trying to convince himself to keep Harris -- and ESPN, at least, appears to be buying it.

Maybe the next time an AD proclaims a vote of confidence in their winless coach or a President assures the world that War is Peace, the Main Stream Media, the one American institution with the bandwidth, access, and ability to investigate things and find out what's really going on, will actually work for the story instead of just regurgitating party lines.

Hey, maybe next time they should check with us.