We imagine Brian Sabaen lying awake all night, in his MLB licensed San Francisco Giants sheet, and having nightmares that he's sitting in his GM box and watching as the San Francisco Giants take the field only that there isn't any San Francisco Giants and the fans quickly boo and leave the stadium as Peter Magowan tut-tuts him and Barry Bonds just bends over and asks him to inject something into his ass.

Why do we think this? Because the free agent signing season is in full gear and so far the Giants have gotten nada. Zip. Bupkus. No signing at all. Which is a problem when half your team is free agents. Seriously, there's a chance the Giants will be posting ads in Craigslist looking for people to play second base.

It's also problematic because this off season is a jigsaw puzzle wrapped in a Jenga game. There are only so many top-notch free agents but there's a lot of money out there. So not only is everyone bidding exorbitant amounts of money but also everyone's bidding for them. So if you pay an exorbitant amount to a free agent and sign them, then you have less money to go after another exorbitantly priced free agent. Or you get no free agents and see Sabaen's dream. Or go looking for bargain bin talents at reasonably expensive contracts and cross your fingers and hope that magic somehow strikes.

And needless to say, all this makes it that much more inevitable that we'll see Barry Lamar yet again.