The war continues on and I miss you terribly. It's been many months since General Ford launched his war of MUNI aggression on us and I fear it might go on for ever and ever. The winter is here and it's getting colder and colder but we're told we must fight on against the able-bodied advocates with their Transit Effectiveness Project. Sometimes I wonder what we're fighting for but then I'm reminded it's for the transit-dependent. All the seniors, single parents with young children, people with disabilities, and school age youth, the huddled masses of San Francisco. Don't they know that it's their rightful mobility that's at questions? What would they do if that rascally Nathaniel Ford makes them walk an extra block or two?

Oh, we lost Smitty last night. He was out waiting for the MUNI to come and it didn't come. So he jumped to the other side, screaming for more MUNI and faster MUNI and express trains. That happens a lot here in the Great MUNI War. One soldier after another joins the cause but after waiting hours they jump ship. It's brother against brother. Driver vs rider. General Ford says it's because he's doing a great job in winning the war, but I think it's the opposite. That things are so bad everyone gets mad and wants something to happen. Anything to happen.

It's like what Beyond Chron says, that the whole T.E.P thing is for getting people out of cars and riding buses. They come at us with stats and charts about how people want things to run on time and quickly and where we should make cuts to stops, but what are stats and charts? Do they really tell you who is riding and getting on and off? Do we really want to sacrifice MUNI to get more people to ride it? What about those people who occasionally have to walk through driveways! And why don't they respond to our entreaties asking them what they're planning. Why, war is what they declared and war is what they'll get. That'll show them for not responding to our e-mails and sending us letters.

Either way, I sure wish this war would end.

Yours always,