We don't know about you, but we were when Proposition I won at the polls -- with 56.03% of the vote -- like how we were totally shocked that Jeffrey won Project Runway. We mean, sure, we were pulling for the guy (even though he seemed like kind of an ass at times), but not with the expectation he would actually win. We totally thought Uli had it in the bag!

Anyways, where were we? Oh yes, Question Time. So Prop I makes it "voter policy" that the mayor should show up to a Board of Supes meeting once a month and "engage in formal policy discussions." Unfortunately, it doesn't require Gavin to show up, it just strongly suggests that he should. Gavin's never attended any board meetings since becoming the mayor, declined to attend the meeting where the issue was debated, and he came out against the proposition during the election.

So what's to make him show up at all? That's right -- public outcry! We've gotta keep up the pressure for Gavin to accede to the will of the people! He's gotta show up for Question Time! Does anyone know when the first Question Time Board of Supes meeting will be scheduled? Will Chris Daly, Ross Mirkarimi, Tom Ammiano, and Geraldo Sandoval (your "hosts") send Gavin another e-vite to attend? What can we do to make this happen?

Anyways, never fear, folks -- your Political Junkie's on it. Check back with us to find out what the latest is on making Proposition I a reality -- and hey, in the meantime, let Gavin know you want him to show up!

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